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Report width exceeds paper width

Q: A message says, "Report width exceeds paper width in either orientation." What does this message mean?

A: When RTG Bills needs to view or print a bill, it must get the page width from the printer. The bill formats assume a minimum page width of 8.5 inches, so if RTG Bills sees a smaller page width, you get that message.

There are two possible causes. The current printer may be set for a smaller page size, perhaps because it is set to print envelopes. Check the printer properties to see what the page width is.

Another possibility is that the "printer" is not set to a printer at all, and the driver for the device does not return a page width. That can happen if the "printer" is a fax or other non-printer device. So make sure that RTG Bills is set to print to a real printer and the printer is set for letter-size paper. To choose a printer in RTG Bills:

Setup > Printer

Do not check the "Always use system default..." checkbox. Click a printer in the list, then click Select. When the desired printer shows in the Current Printer box, use the Test Printer button to see if it works.