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Delete demo data

Q: I entered data in the RTG Bills demo program but I do not want to keep it when I purchase the full program.  Can I delete that data and start with an empty database?

A: Yes, you can delete the data from the demo version of RTG Bills.

First, start the RTG Bills demo and check the current data location:

    Setup > Database

Make a note of this location - that's where your data is located now.

There are two ways to prevent RTG Bills from using the demo data: delete the demo data, or specify a different location for the data when you install the full version.

If you uninstall the demo program, that will not delete the demo data.  The RTG Bills install and uninstall programs never delete data files.

To delete the demo data, you must do it from Windows.  Find the data location with Windows Explorer and delete all of the files.  The tricky part is that the standard location for the data on your PC (that is, not on a network) is a hidden folder.  We have instructions for finding it.  See Can't find database.

If you don't want to delete the demo data from your hard disk, you can simply give the installation program a different location when it asks you to Select RTG Bills Data Location.  If you enter a location that does not already contain RTG Bills data, it will install an empty database.