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Run-time error 339

Q: When I start RTG Bills, I get an error message that says Run-time error '339' followed by Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered:  A file is missing or invalid. (The name of the component may vary, but it will end in .ocx or .dll.)

A: RTG Bills needs certain files in the Windows system folder on the PC where you start RTG Bills.  The message means that those files are not installed.  You must run an installation program on this PC to fix the problem.

Note: Copying files is not sufficient.  You must use an installation program so the files are properly "registered" with Windows.

In order to fix the problem, you need the RTG Bills installation program.  The name of the installation program is bills.exe, bills001.exe, or bills002.exe.

You can always download the latest version of RTG Bills from our Web site. Make sure you have a license key for that version before proceeding!

Follow the Network Installation instructions, using the section entitled Install RTG Bills On Another Workstation.

If RTG Bills still displays an error message, the installation was not successful. Most likely, you will need to disable your antivirus software before you can install RTG Bills properly. For safety, disconnect your computer from the Internet, disable the antivirus software, then install RTG Bills. Restart the computer when you are done and connect the computer to the Internet again.