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Order RTG E-Bills

RTG E-Bills is an enhancement to RTG Bills that creates bills in electronic billing (e-bill) formats. You can purchase RTG E-Bills from this page. Learn more about RTG E-Bills.

RTG E-Bills supports the industry-standard LEDES 1998B format and several other common e-bill formats. Before you purchase RTG E-Bills, contact RTG to see if the e-bill format you require is available.

A license for RTG E-Bills is $199 if you download it or $209 on a CD.

About the downloadable version:
If you choose to download the software, obviously you can get it faster than if you had to wait for a CD to arrive in the mail.

However, it is not instantaneous. Human intervention is required to confirm that your payment has been received and to send you an e-mail message with downloading instructions.

The e-bills format file:
Whether you order a CD or download the installation file, you still need a customized e-bills format file, which includes your License Key, before you can use RTG E-Bills.

The e-bills format file is prepared by RTG and must be downloaded from our Web site by following the instructions we send to you by e-mail. We will send the instructions after you supply the information described here.

Pay by credit card

Download RTG E-Bills: $199

RTG E-Bills on CD: $209

Send a check

Prefer to send a check? There is a link to our order form further down on this page.

After you fill out the form, turn on your printer and click the Print This Order button. That will print a copy of the order for you to review. Keep the printed page for your records. However, the print button does not send the order.

When you click Send Order To RTG, the form will be sent to RTG. Then you need to send us your payment (including sales tax for California addresses).

Make your check payable to RTG Data Systems and send it to:

RTG Data Systems
2118 Wilshire Blvd., #291
Santa Monica, CA 90403

After we receive your payment, we will mail your CD or send downloading instructions, usually within 1 or 2 business days.

Note for international customers: RTG only accepts payment in U.S. dollars.


If you order a CD, we will mail it to you by First Class mail. There is no shipping charge.

Delivery by mail is only available in the U.S. Elsewhere, please order the downloadable version instead.

The order form

Remember to complete these steps:

  1. Fill out the order form.
  2. Print the order.
  3. Send the order to RTG.
  4. Send your payment to RTG.

Click here for the order form

Note: The order form uses JavaScript. If you disabled JavaScript in your browser, the form won't work.

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