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This update requires RTG Update V2.xx

Q: When I try to update RTG Bills or RTG Timer, I get a message that says, This update requires RTG Update V2.xx, but you have version 2.yy.

A: RTG Update is the program that installs updates for RTG Bills and RTG Timer.  This message means that you need a more recent version of RTG Update.

Check to see if one of the available updates is an update to the RTG Update program. If so, install it to fix this problem.

This situation can occur if an update requires a feature that was not available in RTG Update when your version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer was created. When that happens, you must install a new RTG Update before you can install the update that requires the new feature.

Note: Older versions of RTG Bills and RTG Timer refer to upgrades instead of updates, and RTG Upgrade instead of RTG Update. We changed the terminology to distinguish between changes that require a new license (an upgrade) and those that do not (an update).