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Run-time error '3197'

Q: I'm getting an error message that begins Run-time error '3197': The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process....

A: Usually this indicates that a portion of the database is corrupted. This could happen if, for example, you were entering fees when the computer crashed. You might not realize there is a problem until you try to view or print a bill and the corrupted fee transaction causes this error.

Make a copy of the database file, rtgbills.mdb, and save it somewhere safe. Keep the copy until you are sure that the repair procedures suggested below have not caused further damage.

Start RTG Bills and choose File > Compact Database from the menu. If the database can be compacted without errors, repeat what you were doing that triggered the error. Most likely you will not get the error, but you may find a transaction description replaced by # characters. You will have to re-enter that description.

If the Compact Database command gives an error message, try to fix the problem with Jetcomp, as described here. Contact RTG if you need assistance.