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File Not Found

Q: When I do File > Backup from the RTG Bills menu, I get the error message File Not Found and the backup stops.  (Version 1 only)

A: The error message will tell you the file name, which will be of the form BillNN.rtg where NN represents two digits. The cause of this problem is a minor bug in versions of RTG Bills prior to Version 1.21. Fortunately, it is easy to fix the problem.

The problem is a bill format which you created but never saved. The two-digit number in the file name tells you the bill format number. Let's assume it is bill format number 2 (file name Bill02.rtg).

Start RTG Bills. Choose Setup > Bill Formats. Click on format 2 in the list and click Edit. At the Edit A Bill Format window, click Save. Finally, press Esc (or click Close). That should fix the problem.

The fact that you never saved the bill format probably means you aren't using it. If that is true, you can delete the bill format from the Edit A Bill Format window.