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Error opening Bill Index

Q: When I start RTG Bills, I get an error message that says Error opening Bill Index: No permission for 'BillIndex'. Do I need to restore the database from a backup?

A: No, we have a program to fix this problem.

The problem can occur if your PC crashes while you are using RTG Bills to create prebills or bills.

RTG Bills uses a temporary table in the database named BillIndex for creating bills and prebills. Normally the table is deleted after the bills or prebills have been created.

On some occasions, if the computer crashes while creating bills or prebills, this temporary table gets "stuck" in the database. Usually RTG Bills can delete this table when it starts up and you tell it that no one else is printing bills. However, on these rare occasions, the temporary table has permission settings which do not allow anyone to read it, write to it, or delete it.

The solution to this problem is to copy all of the data from the damaged database to a new one. The temporary table is not copied, so the problem is solved.

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