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Matter closed but bill prints

Q: I closed a matter, but a bill still prints. How can I prevent the bill from printing?

A: Presumably the bill prints because the balance due is not zero. If both fees and expenses had a zero balance, and there was no activity, the bill would not print.

There are two ways to stop the bill from printing:

  1. Enter an adjustment to "write off" the balance due. Make sure the fees, expenses, late charges, and taxes are each zero after the adjustment. Then print a final bill for the matter. No further bills will print.
  2. Click the Matters button, enter the matter number, and click Edit. You will see the Edit A Matter window. Click the Billing-1 tab. In the Billing Cycle field, change the entry to HOLD. Click Save. No more bills will print, but reports will still show the matter as having a balance due.