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Illegal function call

Q: When I try to print, I get an "Illegal function call" error message. Then the program exits.

A: This problem may occur with RTG Bills Version 1. The best way to avoid it is to upgrade to Version 2.

The error appears when you attempt to print any bill or report. You can view bills and reports without errors.

Note: If you see this message under any other circumstances, then it is a different problem. Contact RTG for assistance.

The program is unable to get information about the printer. The problem seems to be caused by certain printer drivers, including certain HP LaserJet 5 printer drivers. The printer driver is software, usually supplied by the printer manufacturer, that allows Windows to communicate with the printer.

Verify that you have set the default printer properly. See Selecting a printer for details.

To confirm that the printer driver is the problem, try a different printer driver. Create a new printer icon in Windows. Choose Start > Settings > Printers and double-click the Add Printer icon. This starts the Add Printer Wizard. Set up a new printer, but for the manufacturer choose HP and for the model choose HP LaserJet 4, regardless of the actual manufacturer and model of your printer. This choice may not work with your printer, but it selects a printer driver that is known to work properly.

Make sure this new printer is the default printer. Try to print a Timekeeper List in RTG Bills. If you no longer get the "Illegal function call" error, then the printer driver was at fault.

If the printed report is correct, then your printer is compatible with the HP LaserJet 4 and you can use this printer icon. If the printout was incorrect, you need a different printer driver - one that is compatible with your printer, but does not give the "Illegal function call" error. You may be able to get a new printer driver from the printer manufacturer.

Remember: you can avoid this problem entirely by upgrading to RTG Bills Version 2.