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Late charges for previous months

Q: How can I print bills for previous months that include late charges?

A: Normally, RTG Bills expects that you will print a bill each month if you want to include a late charge on overdue amounts. However, with the right settings, you can print several bills with late charges for a matter that hasn't been billed every month.

First, go here and check the box:

Setup > Other > Firm > Use fee/expense cutoff date as Bill Date

Next, click the Late Charges tab. Choose the Adjusted balance method, if you haven't already.

Set the Due Date to 25 days. As explained in the Help information, a subsequent bill cannot include a late charge until the Due Date has passed.

Now suppose the current month is April and we want to print bills for January, February, and March that include late charges. Here are the steps:

1. Set the cutoff dates to January 31 and print the January bill. It will include a late charge. The Due Date is February 25, so we can print another bill with a late charge after that date.

2. Set the cutoff dates to February 28 (or 29) and print the February bill.

3. Set the cutoff dates to March 31 and print the March bill.

That was our goal: the bills for January, February, and March all include late charges.

Each bill had a Bill Date after the Due Date of the previous bill, because the Bill Date was equal to the fee/expense cutoff date.

When the box to use the fee/expense cutoff date as the Bill Date is not checked, the Bill Date is the date the bill is printed. If the box were not checked, and we printed the January bill on April 4, the Due Date would be April 29. The January bill would include a late charge but the bills for February and March would not.