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Paperless printing

Q: I want to keep my bills in PDF format only. Can I avoid printing them on paper?

A: RTG Bills requires that you print the bills, at which time it updates the accounts for each matter.

You can avoid using paper by choosing Microsoft Print to PDF as your "printer" in RTG Bills. Start RTG Bills and choose Setup > Printer. You should see Microsoft Print to PDF in the list of printers. Click on it to highlight it, then click Select. RTG Bills will "print" to it when you click Print for bills and reports. If you want bills and nothing else printed to a PDF file, print the bills and return here to select an actual printer after the bills are created.

Note that printing more than one bill to the PDF printer will put them all in a single PDF file that you can save for your records.

If you want separate PDF files for each matter, which can be emailed to the client, that capability is already provided in RTG Bills: Bills > Reprint As PDF. The PDF printer is not required for that feature to work. RTG Bills creates the PDF files and, optionally, emails each one to the client as an attachment. See Email a bill.