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"Fees unpaid over"

Q: Why does the Late Payment Charge section of the bill say "Fees unpaid over"?

A: Starting with RTG Bills V2.25a, interest may be charged using the adjusted balance method, which does not use the aging of past due amounts. Adding this method required changing the bill format to remove the number of days after which a late charge would be added.

When you create a new bill format, the text will say "Unpaid fees" instead of "Fees unpaid over 30 days". However, if you edit a bill format created before version 2.25a, the old label ("Fees unpaid over") appears instead of the new label ("Unpaid fees").

There are two ways to fix this problem. One way is to delete the old bill format and create a new one. The new format will have the new labels.

The other way is to edit the labels of the existing format. At the Edit A Bill Format window, click the General Features button. At the General Features window, click the Labels tab.

The changes required are shown below.

Old label: New label:
Fees unpaid over Unpaid fees
Expense unpaid over Unpaid expenses
Late charges unpaid over Unpaid late charges
Taxes unpaid over Unpaid taxes
Total unpaid over Unpaid total

Please note that the bill will not indicate how the late charges were calculated. Therefore, you may wish to add a Bill Message with that information. The Bill Message is entered on the Message tab of the Edit Sections window. Be sure to specify whether you want the message printed at the left margin or centered. The message could be similar to this:

Interest will accrue on any unpaid balance at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum).