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Could not find Web browser

Q: Why do I get the error message, Could not find Web browser, when I try to view the tutorial?

A: The RTG Bills and RTG Timer tutorials, and the E-Bills User Guide, are Web pages that should display in your Web browser. Most likely, the only problem is that the "file association" between Web pages (files that have the extension .htm) and the Web browser has been lost from the Windows registry. That is easily fixed.

Go to the folder where the RTG Bills programs are installed;

C:\Program Files\Rtgbills

Find the file tutorb.htm, which is the RTG Bills Tutorial. You may or may not see the extension .htm in the list of files. Either way, this is the only file with the name tutorb.

Right-click the file and select Open with and, from the list that appears, select Choose default program.  There you should be able to select the Web browser that you want to use, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Make sure the box that says, Always use the selected program to open this kind of file, is checked. Click OK.

By making the Web browser the "default program" for this type of file, you have created the file association that Windows needs so that, in the future, double-clicking a .htm file will display it in the Web browser.  In addition, RTG Bills will now be able to display the tutorials when you choose one from the Help menu.

If this procedure does not fix the problem, you may have some security software that is preventing RTG Bills from starting the Web browser.