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Slow startup

Q: RTG Bills starts up very slowly.  I see the splash screen (the picture of flowers) but it won't go away when I click it. After a few seconds, everything works normally.  What's wrong?

A: When RTG Bills starts up, it may look for released RTG Timer transactions.  This problem can occur if the place where it is looking is a network location that does not respond.  For example, it may be looking for the transactions on a computer that is not turned on.  Or it may be looking for a server name that does not exist.

The delay occurs because Windows waits for a response from the network.  Eventually, Windows tells RTG Bills that the transactions weren't found and RTG Bills continues on.

In RTG Bills, choose Setup > Timer.  Remove the contents of the box and click Close.  Exit from RTG Bills and start it again to see if the problem has gone away.

If that doesn't solve the problem, you may have a hardware problem with your network or with your local hard disk.  If that's the case, the slowness will probably continue after RTG Bills starts up.