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Open File - Security Warning

Q: I get a security warning every time I start RTG Bills. It says, The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software? How do I eliminate this warning?

A: This usually occurs when RTG Bills is installed on a server, but Windows doesn't understand that the server is part of your local area network (your "intranet").

To eliminate the message, you need to tell Windows that the server is part of your network.

1. Control Panel > Internet Options

2. Click the Security tab.  Click the the Local intranet icon. Click the Sites button.

3. You should see the Local intranet window. Most likely, Automatically detect intranet network is selected, but clearly that isn't working correctly. Click the Advanced button.

4. This window lets you add a site to the local intranet "zone" so Windows will know that your server is part of your intranet. Type in the server name, like this: \\MyServer, and click Add.

5. To back out of all the windows, click Close, OK, and OK again.

That should eliminate the warning message.