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Client-level retainer not applied

Q: I created a client-level retainer for a client with two matters.  Why is the retainer applied to the first matter but not to the second matter?

A: Whenever you start the Retainer Account Wizard, there is always one matter that has been selected for the client.  If you create a client-level retainer account, the Retainer Account Wizard sets that matter to automatically use the new client-level retainer account.

The result is that the new client-level retainer account is used to pay the balance due for that one matter, but not for any other matters of the same client.

It is up to you to edit the other matters and set them to use the client-level retainer account, if that is what you want.  Also, when you create a new matter for the client, you must set the new matter to use the client-level retainer account.

See Retainer not applied for instructions.