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Design philosophy

Q:  Was it your philosophy to simplify the essential features of competing software and make it understandable for the solo and small practitioner?

A:  That was the result, but no, we didn't create RTG Bills in reaction to the competition.

Years ago, RTG was selling a simple time and billing program for Unix computers.  It had many shortcomings, and our goal in creating RTG Bills was to keep the simplicity and eliminate the shortcomings.  We also designed it to work under Windows (originally, Windows 3.1) and to use a relational database.

Over time, we added many features, but we have tried hard not to make the program more complicated.  The basic simplicity is still there.  You click the Payments button to enter client payments, click the Fees button to enter fees, and click the Bills button to print bills.

Another design goal was to eliminate the "finalization" step required by other time and billing software.  In RTG Bills, you simply print bills and the accounts are updated.  If you find a mistake on a bill, it is easy to cancel the bill, make changes, and print another one.