Sample Web Portal

It's Just A Sample

This sample Web portal demonstrates what a Web portal created by the APG looks like.

The sample portal is on RTG's Web site. You should use the APG to create your own Web portal on your hard disk. So download the APG and try it out!

Some comments about the sample follow.


Colors and columns

First, if you don't like our color scheme, rest assured that you can choose your own. The APG provides several suggested color schemes, but you can modify them to your liking.

Notice that the sample portal has three columns. You can set the number of columns for your Web portal (although we think three is a good choice).



The first column has three buttons. The APG lets you put any text you wish in the text box next to a button, or you can leave it blank, as we did here. The first button lets you type in some words and search the Web for relevant pages. The second button lets you get a stock quote using the stock symbol. The third button looks up a word in an online dictionary.

These buttons, and more, are supplied with the APG. Each button queries a Web site somewhere on the Internet to provide the information you requested. The APG provides the coding needed to do that. All you have to do is choose which buttons to include on your Web portal.



The rest of the portal consists of links. You can use the links provided with the APG, and you can add your own links, too.

Notice that you can include labels to describe your links ("Portals" and "RTG Web Sites" in column two and two more labels in column 3).

You can also insert blank space to separate links and buttons.



The line below the three columns which says "This portal was created by the APG from RTG Data Systems" is called the footer. The APG lets you change this line.


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