APG History


Changes that have been made to The Amazing Portal Generator are recorded here.

Version 1.05

Released 2/27/08:

  • Changes were made for Windows Vista compatibility: help files now use HTML Help instead of WinHelp, and data is no longer stored in the Program Files folder.
  • Data is now stored in the "common applications data" folder. For Windows Vista and above, this is:
    and for Windows XP it is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RTG\APG\
    The data folder is hidden (a Microsoft decision).
  • Added the Copy Portal To Desktop command, so you don't need to find the hidden data folder.
  • Added a Clear button to remove links or buttons added by the user but not in the current portal.
  • Updated the library of links and buttons to reflect changes on the Web.
  • Increased the maximum number of items in one portal from 150 to 400.

Version 1.04

Released 5/22/03:

  • Fixed bug: commas in text or URLs made the portal layout unreadable.

Version 1.03

Released 5/12/03:

  • Portals now specify character encoding to allow validation as HTML 4.0.
  • Fixed buttons that were not validating properly as HTML 4.0.

Version 1.02

Released 3/5/03:

  • Added the ability to choose fonts.
  • Added an option to make all columns the same width.
  • Added an option to change the link style.
  • Added a library of links and buttons, separate from the user's portal layout. This allows the library to be updated without changing any existing portals.
  • Each link or button in the library has a category, to make it easier to find what you need.
  • Updated links and buttons in the library to reflect changes to the Web.
  • Separated the user's preferences (in apg.ini) from the portal layout (in portal.apg).
  • Allowed for editing different files using the Save As and Open commands. The File menu shows a list of recently-edited files. The default filename is portal.apg for the portal layout, which creates a Web page in the file portal.htm.

Version 1.01

Released 4/14/99:

  • Added button that runs Web browser to display portal.
  • Added import and export of links and buttons.
  • Changed setup program. Now uses Inno Setup.
  • Separate dialogs are now used to set a color scheme and to change individual colors.

Version 1.00

Released 4/5/99: First release of the APG.


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