APG Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my portal stored?

The APG stores your portal on your PC's hard disk in the file portal.htm. In Windows XP, the file is stored here:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RTG\APG\

In Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, the file is stored here:


These are hidden folders, which makes them somewhat inconvenient to find.

You can change the setting in your Web browser that determines your "home" page. Make the Web portal file your home page and then the browser will display it when it starts up.

For convenience, the File > Copy Portal To Desktop command will copy the current portal file to your Windows Desktop. Then you can more easily move it anywhere you like.


Why does the wrong browser start up?

When you double-click on the file created by the APG, portal.htm, or when you click the Start Browser button in the APG, a Web browser should start up to display the portal page.

If your browser doesn't start up, or if you have more than one browser and the wrong one starts up, you can easily fix the problem. There is a setting in Windows which tells Windows what program to run when you "open" a file of type htm. Here's how to change that setting:

First, copy the portal file to the Desktop. Start the APG and choose File > Copy Portal To Desktop. You should now see the file portal.htm on your Desktop, although it may appear as portal without the file type, htm.

  1. Right-click the file portal.htm. Choose Open With then Choose default program....

  2. Now you should see a list of programs to choose from. Click the box labeled "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" so all htm files will work the same.

  3. Find the browser you want in the list of programs, such as Firefox or Chrome. Click the name of the program, then click OK.

Can I create my own buttons?

No. Buttons require HTML coding. Since the APG is designed to be HTML-free, you cannot create an entirely new button using the APG.

You can create a copy of an existing button and customize it by changing its description and the text which appears initially in the text box. For example, you might have two buttons to display weather forecasts in two different cities.

However, if you are familiar with HTML coding, you can add your own buttons by editing the library file apglib1.rtg using a text editor. You will see the coding for each existing button after the heading [BUTTON].


Does the APG only run on Windows PCs?

Yes, the APG is only available for Microsoft Windows. It is compatible with Windows XP and later versions through Windows 10.

However, the Web portal generated by the APG is computer-independent. You can use it on any computer that has a Web browser, because HTML, the Web language, is computer-independent.


How can I upgrade to the latest version?

The RTG Web site always has the latest released version of the APG. Download the program and install it in the same folder as the older version. It will not overwrite your existing Web portal.


How do I create a second portal?

Each time you start the APG, you'll see portal.apg. To create another portal, choose File > Save As from the menu. Give it a name - something other than portal.apg.

Click the Edit Layout button. To remove the existing layout, click the Clear button. Click Yes in response to the warning message. Now you have a simple three-column layout that you can modify.

If you happen to delete every line in the layout, you'll find that you are unable to add buttons or links because you can't specify where they go. The solution is, again, to click the Clear button to create a simple layout.

Each time you start the APG, you'll see portal.apg. However, you can open a different portal with the menu choice File > Open.


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